Vandals carve symbols into forest trees

For the past couple weeks more and more vandalism has been popping up around town. Small symbols have been popping up on the sides of buildings, shops, and even on street signs. They are etched, scratched, and painted all over town. But it turns out these symbols are reaching out to the forests that Greenwood is very proud of.
Today around 12:30, jogger Dan Reiner was running through the hiking trail in the Greenwood South Forest Preserve and noticed something strange. Here is my conversation with him.

Me: So please, tell me what you saw.
Dan: Well, I was taking my afternoon jog and I chose to go through Path 4, it being the most rocky and longest trail. I was jogging for about an hour when I stopped for a break. I sat down on the side of the trail and rested. I looked towards the other side of the trail and noticed that there was an area where all the branches and limbs of the trees were snapped and broken inwards. It looked like something big had pushed aside the thick trees and passed through,
Me: How big are we talking about?
Dan: Well, I would say the opening was about 8 or 9 feet tall, and about 4 or 5 feet wide.
Me: How deep did this opening go down?
Dan: Thats the thing, when I went to check it out I noticed that the opening went deep into the forest. It was a good fifty feet deep.
Me: Did you follow it?
Dan. Are you kidding? I was too curious to just walk away.
Me: So you walked down? What did you find?
Dan: Well. I walked down until I reached a sort of clearing. And thats when I saw all of the symbols. They were carved into a bunch of dead trees.
Me: What did they look like?
Dan: Like the ones that have been appearing all over town. The one that looks like a circle and an X over it. They were all over the dead trees. It was very strange.
Me: What else did you see?
Dan: To be honest I didnt see much else. I got out of there quickly. The whole place was very creepy so I got out in a hurry.

So this symbol. What does it mean? Why does it keep coming up? Does it even mean anything or is it just a few teenagers having their fun?
You decide and tell us what you think.

-  Barry Polmouth

Black Swan Review

Black Swan, a movie that was released towards the last few weeks of December gained recognition for being a psychological and emotional thrill ride. A film that dove into the true emotions and fears of an understudy that was "out to get you". It was also being called one of the best films of 2010. I have to say when I heard all of the critical acclaim, I did not believe one bit of it. The previews to me just seemed bland and boring. I expected the movie to be a ballet movie with some thriller thrown in. But then I saw the movie, and I am happy to say I was pleasantly wrong.
The movie starts out with a New York ballet company announcing that they will be doing a bold interpretation on Swan Lake. After the lead star (played by Winona Ryder), announces her retirement, the lead role as the Swan Queen is now open for the eager dancers. Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) is one of those eager dancers. She tries desperately to get the role, but fails to fit the roll successfully. While She portrays the White Swan to perfection, She has trouble getting down the part of the Black Swan. Throughout the rest of the movie Nina tries to find the Black Swan within herself, losing herself in the process.
A big part of the movie is Mila Kunis's character Lily, a newcomer who has amazing talent for ballet. Nina feels as though Lily is trying to take her out and steal the spotlight for herself. A theme that runs throughout the whole movie.
The rest of the movie plays out like a psychological whirlwind. There are many scenes that will shock, surprise, and gross you out. During one very disturbing scene an elderly couple got up and left, the elderly woman shaking her head the whole time she walked out of the movie. All of these scenes are gripping and very hard to watch. There are a few surprises towards the end of the movie which make you second guess and worry about the emotional stability of Nina.
All in all, this movie surprised me in many ways. And I am happy to say that it is one of the best films of 2010. With top notch acting, stunning atmosphere, and an underlying tone of madness that follows throughout the whole movie, Black Swan is a movie to see. Oh and, I forgot to mention. Even if you know nothing about ballet, you will still enjoy this movie. So all you guys out there who think this is a ballet movie have no excuse for not seeing it.


- Nora Grand

New Semester! New Format!

Hello Greenwood High! Your one and only school newspaper has now gone digital! Starting this semester The Greenwood Messenger is now going to be online 24/7! I know it's a huge change and it was quite sudden. But it is for the best. Now that The Messenger is digital, you can check on here daily for new stories, reviews, and info that is important to you. So spread the word to all of your friends of our big change and link them to our LiveJournal account.

Our first article will be published tomorrow around noon. So sit tight and wait until then!

P.S Stop by our profile so you can see The Messenger staff and crew. Also, check out some of the websites associated with The Messenger staff, they are quite talented and deserve your support!

- Emery Zwickert